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We provide Radiation Monitoring Systems (area monitoring, process monitoring, radioactive effluent monitoring); Personnel Dosimetry; Radiation Protection Instrumentation (contamination monitoring); Portable and Laboratory Instruments; Solid Waste Monitoring; Environmental Monitoring; Metrology Systems (dosimetric laboratories); and Complete Radiation Measurement, Control and Information Systems.

製品・サービス 1

Dose Rate Meter

MDG-0X Dose Rate Meters are suitable for measuring gamma dose rate or dose equivalent from very low levels corresponding to natural background up to units of Gy/h or Sv/h. They can be used as area gamma monitors with local or remote indication in host systems.

製品・サービス 2

Whole Body Contamination Monitor

ExitScan-2 is a new type of a whole-body exit monitor designed for checking contamination of personnel leaving controlled areas of various facilities. By utilizing smart scintillation detectors it can check the contamination of personnel by alpha, beta and gamma emitting radionuclides, as required.

製品・サービス 3

Hand-Foot Contamination Monitor

The HF series hand-foot contamination monitors are intended for measurement of surface contamination by alpha, beta and gamma emitting radionuclides on hands, feet and clothing. Typical usage is at nuclear power plants, radio-chemical plants, research institutes, hospitals, etc.

製品・サービス 4

Hand-Held Contamination Monitor

The PAM-170 series meters are portable hand-held instruments intended for the measurement of surface contamination by alpha, beta and gamma emitting radionuclides - depending on the model.
It can be used in many applications wherever contamination is expected and needs to be monitored.

製品・サービス 5

Display Unit

Radcount-2S is a versatile dual channel display unit, which can be used with variety of VF's smart detectors.
When connected with SFP series frisking probe it can serve as a portable hand-held contamination monitor of alpha, beta and gamma emitting radionuclides. The surfaces of various objects can be measured, such as: walls, floors, tables, pallets, drums, hands, feet and clothing.

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