SVCS Process Innovation ( チェコ )
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We provide solutions for nanoscience technologies in the area of Thermal Reactors and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) technology for both mass production and/or for demanding R&D or pilot project applications. The tools can be used for process development and materials growth in many areas of research including semiconductor, PV, MEMS and other nanotechnology applications.

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Horizontal Diffusion Furnaces

The design of horizontal diffusion furnaces combines multiple process capability, high capacity of full production system and high flexibility of small scale versions for research and pilot production. Advanced water cooling system assures no thermal interference between different tubes. High efficiency, high process flexibility and minimized footprint are combined with low cost of ownership.

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CVD Process Furnaces

The design of LP-CVD (Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition) and PE-CVD (Plasma Enhanced CVD) furnaces with proprietary designed water cooled flanges and vacuum control system made in cooperation with leading vacuum manufacturers combines multiple process capability, high capacity of full production system and high flexibility of small scale versions for use in research and pilot production.

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EBS - External Burn Systems

EBS (Ex-Torch) is a furnace accessory for pyrogenic oxidation processes. It generates high purity water vapor by burning Hydrogen in Oxygen inside external quartz chamber. Therefore, the process tube working zone is not affected by hydrogen flame. Safety is assured by a reliable flame detector with output connected to interlock system, which controls H2 and O2 flow and self-ignition temperature.

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Chemical Control Panel

All-plastic gas and vapor handling delivery panels were developed for safe and clean fluid handling as a manifold interface between process reactor and gas carrier source. The panels allow pressure monitoring inside the precursor liquid container, automatic vent in case of overpressure and refilling of point-of-use vessels from economic bulk chemical sources.

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Precursor Temperature Controller

A proprietary temperature controller of dry bath has been developed for precision control of liquid media pick up rate by a carrier gas. The system adapts all widely used chemical containers from various suppliers. Tailor made top insulation covers contribute significantly to extremely stable temperature control. The system provides both visual and electronic information about liquid level.

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SVCS Process Innovation

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